Tilla Schmitz, Yoga Teacher


In my classes, I ensure that students feel comfortable, free from their everyday lives and everything that is happening around them. I offer variations of asanas based on the level, body structure, or mood, placing special emphasis on alignment and execution of postures while observing harmony and dynamics within the group. I enjoy enhancing the sessions with fitting music, particularly relishing natural sounds like the ocean's waves when practicing yoga outdoors during the retreat in Portugal.

It is essential to me that we free ourselves from judgments and comparisons and accept what is. Through this, we might experience, enjoy, or change certain things more consciously. Yoga, to me, is a holistic approach to a mindful way of life that extends beyond the practice on the mat.

"The beauty of Yoga is not about being able to perform a pose better than others, but bringing more mindfulness and ease onto your own mat and into everyday life."

My preferred practice and teaching style are dynamically flowing Vinyasa Yoga, as the flows can vary significantly based on mood and creativity. I also appreciate the challenging style of Rocket Yoga, which is based on the traditional Ashtanga Yoga style. Additionally, I am a big fan of Yin Yoga – a serene style where positions are held a bit longer, particularly targeting the fascial tissue. I also enjoy incorporating individual meditations or pranayama exercises into my classes. This wonderful combination of creativity, strength, and tranquility continually gives me new energy and allows me to surpass my limits.

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